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My name is Matthew and my screen name is "FlibidyDibidy." I am an engineer, my real work is developing decision support systems and design tools for industrial projects in the resource sector, and I have a YouTube channel for some of my hobbies.

My most popular youtube video is this one: The Unseen Side of Speedrunning - 4:58.942 All Attempts. I invested 5162 attempts (193 hours) into speedrunning Super Mario Bros. and way, way more time into writing code and developing the tooling to create that video. Lately I've been developing technology for the kind of speedrunning competitions that I personally would enjoy watching.


Super Mario Bros. is one of the greatest speedrunning games of all time. Over 1500 people have submitted their personal bests to speedrun.com. World records, controversies, and documentaries regularly get millions of views due to the massive lasting appeal/success of the Mario franchise and the heruclean efforts of the entire Super Mario Bros. speedrunning community. Lots of people care about Super Mario Bros - including me!

World records are becoming increasingly optimized and we are nearing the human theoretic limit. This journey is incredibly fun to follow - however I strongly believe that there is a need for another competitive outlet for this game.

That is not to say that I'm only interested in Super Mario Bros. The technology that I am developing is applicable to other games and potentially other consoles - I think the future of this project is pretty exciting. But of course I'm biased.


The majority of my software is written in C++. Every single line of code I write is with Vim. I also use several third party libraries:

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